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Office address:  Street Zagrebačka  Nr. 30, 42000 Varaždin, Croatia
Working hours:  Monday - Friday:   8 am - 17 pm
                                      Saturday:   8 am - 12 am


Office phone: +385 (0) 42 488 402
Mobile phone: +385 (0) 98 652 059

WhatsApp  and  VIBER contact (gsm): 0038598652059

Dear Clients,

as potential buyers, tenants or lessees of propertys in our offer please contact us on the telephone and mobile phone, by e-mail or via the form below.
All your queries and data that you specify on the form are available only to us, are protected and represent our business secret.

Detailed information about real estate in our offer (house number, floor building, etc.) you are interested in, as well as insight into the ownership of the property sheets we will gladly present you in our office or on the sightseeing of property.

As authorized agency  we are interested in real estates in the entire Croatia. If you own a property or have the legal owners assignee of the subject property (notarized special power of attorney) for which you need mediation, please feel free to fill out the form under the heading "Include your property in our offer."

To begin our successful mediation is necessary that the property you offer is built in accordance with the building permit or that the legalization proceedings of the subject property were initiated, if it is not built in harmony with the building permit. Also, for the majority of property which are for sale, lease or rental and which are  advertised in the media, an energy certificate is required that is created by an authorized certifier.

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